Vapeabox Vs Dripsta


Vapeabox Vs Dripsta…

Vapeabox stated out in 2014 with one goal in mind. Vapeabox wanted to bring a selection of premium E-Liquids to customers doors every month. The Vapeabox website allowed customers to select their own flavour categories to ensure customers did not get any vape liquids that did not meet their taste requirements. At the start Vapeabox offered customers the choice to select what nicotine strengths they required. Since the TPD was launched vapeabox replaced nicotine infused E-liquids with non-nicotine-based E-liquids. To combat this issue vapeabox adopted the nicotine shot concept to be compliant with the EU law. Customers would receive non nicotine vape liquids and would simply add TPD registered nicotine shots to their own vape juices. Vapeabox offered bottles that allowed customers to remove the cap with ease to allow customers to pour the nicotine shots without in the bottles without any hassle. Unfortunately, in the year 2022 vapeabox has ceased trading and is currently no longer available.


We here at Dripsta have much love for vapeabox and the dream they had. Therefore, we have adopted their ideas & strategies but have improved all aspects. Compared to vapeabox we offer leak proof bottles to ensure that customers have no messy spills. Our checkout system is much quicker, and we accept all major debit and credit cards. We will be offering customers even more value for money with regular discount codes and promotions offered to all new & loyal customers. We will be introducing many new E-Liquid flavours to cater for all customer taste buds. We aim to offer a quicker dispatch system allowing customers to receive their items within 24/48hours max. Unlike vapeabox we steep all our E-Liquids for two weeks to allow for a better vape.


So, step right in guys & girls and start your new vape journey with Dripsta. Enjoy massive savings, flavoursome vapes, on tap customer service and above all a pleasant shopping experience. Say goodbye to vapeabox and hello Dripsta.

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